360° panoramas of Belgiums second largest city.

Panorantverpia is a contamination of the word 'panorama' and the name 'Antverpia', which is Latin for Antwerp.

Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium and capital city of the province Antwerp. It lies in the north of Belgium, at the river Scheldt, and a few miles from the border with the Netherlands. It has almost half a million inhabitants and has a rich cultural past and present. It was founded in the second century by the German Franks, and in course of history it has been under reign of almost every European nation until Belgium became independent in 1830.

Since Antwerp has a lot of beautiful and less beautiful places which are seldomly seen by tourists, Panorantverpia aims to provide flash-formatted 360°panorama views of these urban environments.

Hi, my name is Paul Kersmaekers. I live and work in Antwerp, and I maintain this website.
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